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MyDocMaster is a forward-thinking business that is using cutting-edge technology and subject-matter expertise to transform the correspondence industry. They provide a large selection of thoroughly researched and illustrative documents, ranging from legal to business correspondence, all of which may be tailored to fit the demands of both individuals and organisations. With a goal of revolutionising the world of correspondence and streamlining written communication, MyDocMaster offers customised solutions that save expenses and save time, making documentation simple and effective in a variety of sectors. In the realm of written communication, their advanced software and dedication to clarity, grammatical precision, and ease of use establish them as a reliable partner.

MyDocMaster, an expanding company in the IT sector, was in desperate need of a complete SaaS management solution. Managing their SaaS infrastructure had grown more difficult with over 80 people and over 40 SaaS apps in use. The business had difficulties identifying shadow IT, keeping an eye on its SaaS programmes, and handling security issues with files that were shared publicly. Their CTO, Mr. K. Vinod, stated that they were searching for a solution that could improve data safety and compliance while also streamlining their SaaS management.

Admina was selected by MyDocMaster because to its vast feature set, smooth user experience, and comprehensive SaaS administration solution. They were especially pleased with Admina’s file aggregation tool, which combined files from different SaaS apps to streamline their compliance management. Additionally, they were able to efficiently manage unauthorised applications thanks to Admina’s powerful shadow IT detection capabilities.

Admina facilitated MyDocMaster’s acquisition of complete control and insight over their SaaS ecosystem. With direct connectivity, they were able to integrate more than 25 SaaS apps, and with Admina’s custom app integration functionality, they were able to integrate an additional 5+ apps.

By alerting customers to files that are shared publicly and externally, the platform’s file aggregation tool eased their compliance management while guaranteeing data security and satisfying legal obligations. More than six publicly accessible files, some of which included sensitive data, were found by MyDocMaster in their Google Drive.

By successfully identifying and managing unauthorised applications, Admina’s shadow IT detection capabilities improved MyDocMaster’s security and control over their SaaS environment. With the use of the Chrome browser extension and Google Workspace integration, they were able to identify over 8 Shadow IT SaaS apps.

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